Fat Bodies!


Haven’t posted in so long, in part because there is so much to tell! From the horrors of my holiday season (spoiler alert: familial confrontations re my size) to the spoils of my recent weight gain (yes!), I have too much to say here. So in lieu of a proper post, I’ll celebrate myself and my body!


3 thoughts on “Fat Bodies!

  1. Good for you! Happy to see you celebrating yourself like that and again, people need to accept others for who they are right? You’re not hurting children or animals so…… Yes Yes you’ll get people saying you’re hurting yourself but are you? Are you happy? Yes. Do you know all the talk that your doctor and family, friends etc may tell you? Yes But you’re an adult so if you are happy then I say celebrate away!

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  2. Hope all is well with you! Drop me an email sometime! Hope the weather wherever you are is better than here, it decided to snow again! : I …. my happy face lol, could be worse, could have been scorching hot which I wouldn’t have liked! lol


  3. Good to see that you’re still here, I have been looking forward to hearing from you again! I hope that you will do a detailed post one day because I’m very interested in hearing how things went! I believe that the ex missed out on a really great woman and it’s a shame that he couldn’t accept you and your desire to be who you want to be. I am glad that you chose to make yourself happy instead of trying to make yourself over into what he wanted you to be! If he had truly appreciated you he would not have gotten into the “soft” ultimatum. Celebrate yourself in maximum glory beautiful, we sure do!


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